Local Women’s Organization Empowers Future Leaders

Local Women’s Organization Empowers Future Leaders

• By Adele Burney, Orlando Women and Money Examiner

Women in the Orlando area who are interested in getting involved with their community and learning new skills should consider joining the Junior League of Greater Orlando.  The Junior League is a national organization for women committed to volunteerism.  The local chapter of Junior League has made a commitment this year to end childhood poverty and help children develop healthy eating habits.

The Junior League has evolved over time.  In the past the League was associated with society women who held fundraisers for charities, thus giving them the moniker, “girls with pearls”.  Today’s League consists of women of different ages, races and social status.  Gone are the ” girls with pearls”.  The new League is focused on building future women leaders, while at the same time improving the local community.

The structure of the Junior League is committee based with each committee focused on a different segment of the League.  There are finance committees, community involvement and mentoring, as well as many others.   Women are invited to chair a committee which can build leadership skills, or they can participate in a committee that allows them to step outside of their comfort zone.  In this way a woman develops skills that can be transferred to their business life as well.  There are also leadership classes designed to help women grow in their league roles as well as their corporate roles.

If you are a Central Florida woman interested in volunteerism within the community, log on to the Junior League of Greater Orlando website for more information.