Become a Sponsor

The JLGO is pleased to honor its sponsors. Each organization’s generous donation helps strengthen our efforts in the community by providing valuable resources that directly affect our community programs.

Some of the sponsorship benefits include:

• Company visibility
• Branding exposure
• Community recognition
• An opportunity to build valuable relationships within a target demographic
• The ability to help to build a better community

JLGO Brochure
Learn more about our community programs, fundraisers and how your donation improves your community by clicking here!

Printing Instructions:

1. Print flip side up! This is important; if you do not print flip side up, one side of your brochure will appear upside down
2. With the infographic facing you, fold the right edge of the page to the far left edge of the Contributions Improve Your Community box.
3. Next, fold the far left edge of the page to the right edge of the page and then cover page should then be facing you!

Program Levels
Your cash or in-kind donation falls under the JLGO Sponsorship Program, and provides exposure and access to the JLGO membership.  Based upon your sponsorship level, this could include recognition at our Fundraising Events, on our Website, within our Publications, or at General Membership Meetings. Click here to view sponsorship levels and benefits as well as the sponsorship and in-kind donation form.

More Information
For information on specific benefits or to receive a sponsorship packet, please submit a Sponsorship Request for Information Form or contact our corporate sponsorship Chair at