The mission of the Junior League of Greater Orlando (JLGO) is to train women into civic leaders who can understand the needs of the community in order to make an impact. True to our mission, the JLGO has tackled the toughest and most critical issues in our community for nearly 75 years. Our community is constantly changing, and the most pressing issues are complex. The JLGO seeks to bring about positive, meaningful, lasting change through advocacy on issues related to our mission as well as through targeted, strategic initiatives.


In 2020, the Junior League of Greater Orlando’s DE&I committee was formed to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization as we strive to train women as civic leaders who provide meaningful community impact. The committee applied for and received an AJLI Accelerator Fund grant with funds being used 1) to train JLGO members on the DE&I efforts of local community organizations and 2) to provide outlets for community action. Also in 2020, our DE&I Ambassador program was created to provide opportunity for all JLGO leaders to create committee and council-level goals related to DE&I.


Voting is one of the most important civic duties that we hold as American citizens. In 2020, members of the JLGO participated in a voter registration drive and engaged with the community to encourage eligible voters to learn about the candidates and remind them to vote.

Learn more about our Voter Registration Drive here.


Established in 2018, the JLGO’s Human Trafficking Awareness Committee raises awareness about human trafficking in the Greater Orlando community. During its pilot year, the committee successfully hosted a sold-out movie screening, informational panel, and donation drive for survivors. Since then, the Human Trafficking Awareness Committee has partnered with Samaritan Village to provide volunteer assistance to survivors of human trafficking, as  well as continued local advocacy efforts such as hosting film screenings, social media campaigns and provided volunteer support to the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force for its January’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day event.

Learn more about our community partner Samaritan Village here.


The JLGO participates in the State of Florida Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), an organization of League members representing 24 Junior Leagues and over 11,000 League members across the state of Florida. The JLGO’s Vice President of Community serves as our Florida SPAC Delegate each year. The State of Florida Public Affairs Committee has advocated for issues related to the Junior League mission for over 40 years.


Issue-Based Community Impact leverages the community and civic leadership skills of League members to address the issues faced by their communities and to meet those needs with significant and sustainable solutions.

An issue-based approach to community impact is at the core of our Mission:

An organization of women…

  • Understanding who we are as a non-profit, how we want to be regarded by the community and what we want to be known for doing well.
  • Knowledgeable about our community and how it works, how decisions are made, where the power lies and where it does not.
  • Building networks of relationships across and within sectors of the community.

Developed as civic leaders…

  • Civic engagement is about deepening our (individual and collective) connection to our communities where we have a shared stake in the well-being and concerns of our communities.
  • It is not about volunteering for the sake of volunteering but about how we build and mobilize support on an issue and how we position the League as a resource in combating the problem.

Creating community impact…

  • Changing/improving/creating systems and services of importance to the community.
  • Impacting communities beyond the immediate or personal sphere of interest of the membership.
  • Developing/supporting civic leadership skills in delivering service, effective organizational systems, philanthropy, advocacy, public service, etc.

For more information on JLGO’s advocacy and initiatives, contact