Appointed Leaders

2023-2024 Appointed Leadership

Advocacy Council
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chair Vanessa Nikki –
Local Advocacy
Chair Tyechia Brown –
Co-Assistant Chairs Jeanette Mora and Courtney Gibson
Public Affairs
Chair Renee Weeden –
Assistant Chair Katrina Riettie –
Community Council
Vice President of Community Assistant
Heather Guarch
Community Action Team: Eradicating Poverty & Food Insecurity
Chair Jennifer Ireland and Katie Streit –
Assistant Chair Kristen Vollender
Done In A Day (DIAD) 
Co-Chairs  Chrissy Hunter and Katie Lensmire-
Assistant Chairs Jess Cervi and Elizabeth Petters –
HIP Kids Events  
Co-Chairs Lauren Rhodes and Brooke Ryerson –
Assistant Chair Lauren Graham and Stephanie Marsan  –
Mentoring Adolescent Girls Inspiring Change (MAGIC)
Co-Chairs Jacy Roffman, Joelle Sopariwala & Sandy Parker
Fundraising Council
Chair Christina Schloot –
Assistant Chair Christina Duba –
Fundraising Initiatives
Chair Kaylea Frantzis –
Assistant Chair Elizabeth Francescone –
Training & Development Council
Member Development 
Co-Chairs Lauren LaMarr and Erika Link –
Assistant Chair Stephanie Luzoro –
Provisional Education 
Co-Chairs Annie Howell and Shelby Hudspeth  –
Assistant Chair Julia Anderson –
Marketing & Communications Council
Marketing and Communications 
Co-Chairs Ameneh Ebadi and Danielle Medeiros –,
Member Resources Council
Co-Chairs Kendra Douglas and Mia Hardack
Transfer Education
Co-Chairs Amy Franks and Sarah Purkey

Issue Based Community Impact Chair – Angela White-Jones