Welcome the 2017/2018 Leadership Team!!

We would like to welcome our 2017/2018 Board of Directors & Management Team! Without these hard working ladies we would not be the Junior League of Greater Orlando!

2017/2018 Board of Directors:

  • President: Anna McPherson
  • President-Elect: Megan Rose
  • Executive Vice President: Alex Rister
  • Chief Financial Officer: Laurie Reed
  • Chief Operating Officer: Allison Hudson
  • Secretary: Angela Gutierrez
  • Sustainer Strategist: Leeann Lee
  • Nominating Chair: Heather Mount

2017/2018 Management Team:

  • Executive Vice President: Alex Rister
  • Executive Vice President-Elect: Carolyn Rickert
  • Chief Operating Officer: Allison Hudson
  • Vice President of Community: Vickey Hardig
  • Vice President of Fundraising: Jessica Layne
  • Vice President of Marketing & Communication: Anne Gibbons
  • Vice President of Member Resources: Ashley Popowski
  • Vice President of Training & Development: Wendy McLouth
  • Vice President of Records Management: Angela White Jones
  • Vice President of Sustainer Membership: Leslie Heimer

Congratulations to our 2017/2018 Management Team!